Signature Amenities

Seize the day, and enjoy the night


Enjoy the vibrant community and the fresh breeze only a few steps away from your living room.

Fully outfitted gym

Fitness enthusiasts need not to travel far. Ekinox has a fully-outfitted tenant-exclusive gym. 

People of all ages will find everything they need for a full-body workout.

Underground parking

No need to shovel snow off your car or worry about the scorching heat. Ékinox has a guarded underground parking.

Hotel Suite

Have friends and family coming over? We can accommodate them in our hotel suite exclusive to visitors. This is for residents only. Fully furnished suite with everything you need to cook and rest.

Security and Technology

On-site security guards and CCTV cameras will greet you in and out of the premises. Furthermore, your new building will be equipped with Butterfly MX intercom technology that is accessible with your smartphone.

Top-of-the-line construction materials

In your new apartment, you’ll find modern finishes for long-term durability and ease of maintenance.

Your apartment is
waiting for you!